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A path to the self

The follow up process is specific to the life and history of the consultant , beyond his rational requests lie subconscious aspects that i will trigger to renew his perception of the world, and outcome a more stable state of happiness
In a more stable and peaceful state of being we can access to broader resources, very often unconsidered or non-visible in the previous state of mind.
It will let you make new choices in life.

Below you will find a brief preview of non-exhaustive aspects, but do not hesitate to contact me to ask more details.

Three main axis

  As long as survival is at the center of existence, the only meaning is and will be survival and the associated mission is to gain sufficient power to dominate and reduce the risk of not surviving. From this point will appear an infinity of strategies to achieve this endless goal.  
  The behavior is reactive following the three survival mode, which are: to attack, to defend, or to freeze (anesthetize).The 5 biological needs that make up our animal base are: to breathe, to drink, to eat, to sleep, to reproduce.
  The Human particularity is to have a powerful mind which is often dramatically tricky, he sophisticated these five basic needs in an infinity of others, to finally forget that if he would solve the base first, the consequences would end in a very short time .
  If we take a moment to a honest look at modern human society we will realize that it is deeply entangled with survival and that most of our evolution has not solved it, it just brought comfort or technology to compensate some aspects but at a social level it is still very rough or violent.  

  There is another important parameter that is memory, but not the memory we use to ensure a desired action, but that which uses all the memory capacities of the human system (holistic), instinctive biological (eg a danger of predatory attack), emotional (attraction or rejection), mental (validation of the belief system or risk if the information is misunderstood).

  Traumas events (not necessarily extreme) are memorized , once again, to allow survival and adapt to the environment, but some strongly limit our ability to play life happily (eg the fear of flying, will limit our ability to travel, fear of the dog will stress each walk in a park), Time strategy is used here, to create a distance from the event and its painful sensations, which is in fact only makes us forget the event to push it in the realm of the unconsciousness, nevertheless it will create complex disorders and symptoms (in the previous eg allergy to the dog hairs, anxiety when hearing a roaring motor like a plane motor), and unfortunately consciousness is not making the link to the trauma anymore.
  The work on the bases is processed at a deep level to recognize these elements in their entirety and to turn them into constructive experiences, and reinforce the identity (Ego well is place and properly anchored here and now).

Same Height Control

  When enough work is done on survival, there will appear a minimum of space for peace and trust, which will allow us to set new personal values that are based on life, health, balance, empathy and Love, in a holistic understanding (not limited to a mental comprehension).
  Natural leadership appears here spontaneously (of course, having freed oneself from the need for survival to dominate) because in you something clearly states that you respect life, which 'neutralizes' the stress of survival in others, or makes you become a resource to help them to grow.
  The adventure of a human group, in a company, in a family or in a society, is to evolve and progress together, in a healthy ecosystem made of cooperation and challenges to sublimate each individual. The generation of wealth is an ancillary element that shouldn’t be the purpose.

  There is no real technique otherwise it would apply since a long time, but they are paths and practices which are helpful.
  Paramahansa Yogananda said:“Millions of people never analyze themselves. Mentally they are mechanical products of the factory of their environment, preoccupied with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, working and sleeping, and going here and there to be entertained.
  They don’t know what or why they are seeking, nor why they never realize complete happiness and lasting satisfaction. By evading self-analysis, people go on being robots, conditioned by their environment. True self-analysis is the greatest art of progress.”

Bases consolidation

Pursuit of healing

  A disease is a language of the body, and according to the importance, severity of the symptoms there will be more or less work to be done.
  First we work on all the associated stresses which are generated by the disease itself then on deeper levels of stress which were neglected by the person, by conscious or unconsciously choice.
  It is possible to work on current or past situations, for example phantom pain, or after-effects of surgery, accidents or psychic events.
  Athletes will use this work to improve their performances in competition.
  This support is complementary to classical medicine, it is not intended to replace or endanger your physical health. (see disclaimer)

Life accidents

  Everyone experiences difficult times, but nobody experiences them in the same way. There is a real personal ecology to consider and it requires training and a sharp awareness to counter the bad habits.
  Experiences such as accidents, death, love partnership separation, sexual abuse, difficult birth, process of mourning, etc., are a must for initiation.

Online group session

  Some themes are interdependent to mankind and can be addressed during group sessions to achieve the common part of the themes.
  The clarity that this work can bring will then feed and support the process of individual coaching.

  I regularly offer remote group sessions:
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Meaning and Natural Leadership


  To reinforce his resilience, to improve stress impact from upcoming competitions, exams, public interventions, or to correct past professional failures, or to qualify its relationship to a personal or professional project to come.
  Fears and doubts will be turned into resources, as an experience to bring you beyond the predetermined outcome of habits, and maybe go much further than anything ever expected.
  The habit to control for domination to impose what I need, will progressively diminish for a natural trust and state of peace..


  Looking for a job that gives meaning to your life?
  Go further !Find the meaning of your life to create the work that will emancipate you.
  Changing your life, your work is very trendy nowadays, but without deep introspection, this change will probably only be a new occupation.
  The IKIGAI framework serves as a guideline to reveal the authenticity of your motivation, while identifying the blocking points that prevent concrete actions to take place. 
  A personal work has to be provided, and a deeper therapeutic work will transform the switching process to its best.


  What is the point of getting self-awareness?
Does the essential needs to be useful?

  Direct experience is the path of self-awareness, where techniques and practices are steps in the infinite unfolding of life towards mastery.
  This coaching is not about showing you the ideal way, but it is to bring you consciously to the path you want to walk in happiness. 

By becoming aware of how difficult it is to change yourself, you will be in measure to see how little chance you have to change the other.

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