Well being and Empowerment

Online Holistic Therapy, Coaching and Kinesiology

« No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." -
-Albert Einstein-

Executioner, victim, savior are the three co-dependent roles of a dramatic triangle that causes deep individual and collective misery, because based on revenge and domination-submission modes.
And that starts inside ourselves.

The process that I propose is not intended to make me play the role of the savior, but to help you find the resources generating balance, confidence and capacity to Be, while progressing towards a more mature and healthy life at all levels.
   One of the challenges is to go beyond personal pride that is blinding and self-destructive, but also to understand your responsibility in the action and choices we do or not do . 
  Without judgment, it will involve the cessation of your own severeness to yourself, your self-sabotage, or any other thousand ways that make you walk life with a void to fill an abstract excess to empty.

A Holistic Approach

  A global vision that let us approach the human and any living system in a more open and tolerant way. 
  The signals (information) that the person gives are "listened " (inquiry phase) to address the root causes without intrusiveness and to get the consultant to free himself in a process of being creative of his own change.
  These signals are captured in various 'dimensions', such as language, the structure of the physical body, physical pains, psychic or emotional disturbances, the energy dimension of the meridians (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or the chakras, the aura, but also in the dimension of time as we are gigantic databases memorizing all that is lived for real or thought.

   The process is not so much in explaining the causes, but to release what blocks the return to balance and health in all levels of existence: Holistic health.

The Process

  The individual sessions are mainly done remotely, by telephone or VOIP, except for intensive coaching,  specific group workshop or initiatory trips.
  My work operates on the unconscious information that becomes 'visible' during our conversation, where you reveal yourself to yourself above all, in this act you sign your authentic will to heal.
Perceived reality changes in correspondence.

But how is it possible remotely?
Do you really need to know and understand something to be able to use it ? 
what do you know  about your Smartphone, your car, your computer, electricity ?
  Fortunately, science, especially quantum mechanics, explains more and more about remote interactions like spooky action at distancequantum entanglement , epigenetics trauma transgenerationalPlant communication Video …etc

  I cannot wait that science proves what was given to me by life, especially if this ability brings more love, joy and balance.
  What brought you here is body mind spirit congruence