Well being and Empowerment

Online Holistic Therapy, Coaching and Kinesiology

Marc ∞ André

  I first worked for development engineering in the automotive field and then, for health reasons, I approached healers, therapists, shamans.

  After an initiatory journey for my own healing I begin to study areas that were completely unknown to me such as, kinesiology, quantum therapies, modified states of consciousness, shamanism ... etc.

  I realized that everything is interconnected in the universe and that everything interacts in consciousness.

  Today I have a lot of gratitude for this experience, and I know that in every disease or difficulty of life there is a great learning to do, where in leaving certainties and limited beliefs I become creator of my healing .

  Since then, I coach people on their paths of life, so that they go beyond their limitations and their difficulties, in the most natural way that is full awareness. 

Skills and Techniques

Certified Kinesiologist 2014®

  French School of Kinesiology EKMA Saintry/s seine and CKF school of  Metz
 ( 1000hours)..

Empathic Listening

  My interests for hypnosis, family constellations, nonviolent communication, participate in the process during consultations.
  In a society that is extremely dedicated in the ‘doing and becoming’, listening from the 'non-action' is a gift.

Quantum Therapy

  The unified field of information where all the potentials are, which will be modeled and progressively limited by the human belief system conscious and of course unconscious.

Eric Pearl


Consulting and Auditing

  Auditing where the person loses energy, turning in loops to trigger new resources to make her able to get out of the negative spiral.
  This process is based on trust to bring a stable evolution.

Energy Therapy

  Based on the ancestral Chinese and Hindu systems of Chakras, meridians, aura.

Craneo sacrale Poyet Therapy

  Skull – Sacrum, technique based in particular on the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid.
  It is a technique without bodily manipulation, only of contact or even remote online work.


  My shamanic sensitivity was revealed by chance, and now it integrates my work process more or less discreetly following the needs of the consultant.
  There is no certification, just an humble path of experiences, personal clarifications and coherence.

Reconversion Project Follow-up

  My previous job was to develop and follow up industrial projects, here YOU are at the center of this project.
  Creating rhythm, inspiration, clarity but also realism without manipulation or perversion of your initial motivation